Process Server

You can call on us to investigate domestic abuse and child abuse or to serve process to a spouse.

We are able to serve process in all of the counties in the state for you, so you can count on us for good service.

If you want to know if your children are being abused by your ex husband, we can investigate that for you.

Before you hire anyone to work for you, be sure to hire us to do a background check for you.

Having an expert witness who can go to court and prove your case is something we can help you with.

Hiring an investigator to make sure you are not being cheated on is easy when you call on our service.

We coordinate the investigative work of our agents in the field with our office personnel.

If you are looking at getting a large insurance claim from your workers compensation, be sure you are being honest and a private investigator is not watching you.

No matter what you need in the way of process service, we can do it for you.

Security guards can be hired to watch over dressing rooms or keep your jewelry counter safe.

03/09/17 04:10:28 AM

We have a staff that is trained to photograph workers to be sure they are not committing workers compensation fraud.

03/07/17 06:34:38 AM

Our private investigators can video or photograph people for you, if you need to prove something is taking place.

03/06/17 03:24:59 AM

Process servers are people who deliver paperwork to witnesses who need to appear in court to testify.

03/04/17 04:33:48 AM

You may have seen our security guard detail at your local school to protect your children.

03/03/17 01:31:10 AM

We can make sure our detectives are very discreet when it comes to surveillance, no matter what the situation.

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